Endosphères Facial Therapy utilizes compressive microvibration to relax and tone facial muscles, improve microcirculation, stimulate collagen and elastin production, and restore skin structure.

It is the ideal choice for anyone looking to reduce signs of aging and improve collagen production & skin elasticity.

Comparable invasive anti-aging treatments on the market create trauma in the skin, which then requires the skin to regenerate, thus prompting desirable anti-aging effects. However, if an adequate supply of oxygen and nutrients is not present in the skin, this recovery could be incomplete and lead to visible signs of aging.

Endosphères Facial Therapy achieves these anti-aging effects in a less invasive way. The benefits of compressive microvibration, result in a complete recovery that produces desirable anti-aging effects.

Compressive microvibration creates microtrauma and simultaneously produces the physiological benefits of compressive microvibration (increased lymphatic drainage, increased circulation, muscle toning, etc.), which create ideal conditions for complete recovery.

The Five Synergistic Actions of Endosphères Facial Therapy

Pain Relief (Anty-Inflammatory)
Lymphatic Drainage
Increased Circulation
Wrinkle Reduction
Muscle Toning

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